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Laser Silver
particle diameter:
Characteristic description:
Holography occurs when light waves are recorded at different angles, resulting in a three-dimensional image being reflected from a two-dimensional surface.

T20-36 Laser Silver 35μm

The pigment powder is made by the holographic powder effect reflecting the rainbow-shaped light and changes color depending on the angle with light. 

Holography occurs when light waves are recorded at different angles, resulting in a three-dimensional image being reflected from a two-dimensional surface.

Holographic pigments work much better than traditional metallic pigments. Holographic pigments disperse better in the resins and provide a brighter more reflective surface than traditional aluminum metal flake pigments. The holographic pearlescent pigments provide a vibrant color changing effect as light strikes the surface of cured resins.

Laser Silver Holographic powder pigment for Nail polish decoration.

Nail powder pigment is high quality rainbow hologram powder, smooth and non-grainy texture. Yortay is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of service.

1. laser holographic glitter pigment
2.Easy to apply and soak off
3.Non-toxic and healthy
4.Change colors under the light
5.Highly shinning


Step 1: apply one coat of regular gel polish (cure)
Step 2: apply one coat of no wipe top coat (cure)
Step 3: Apply the Holographic powder using the sponge applicator provided
Step 4: lightly wipe the excess powder from the nails themselves, using a napkin
Step 5: apply one thin coat of the no wipe top coat and cure.


1. Black is best for the full mirror effect but a color base can make it do cool things.
2. Classical Silver One of the most clssical color of nail art,suitable for any base color and using with other nail art decoration.Can be used widely.
3. Saving And Efficient. Don't have to use a lot,only small amount can do great effect.Saving both of your precious time and the laser powder.
4. You need to put a bit of pressure on it in order to make sure it's burnished in really well. Brush off the excess. If the surface sparkles, it means you didn't press hard enough.


Holographic 3D Effect Pigments can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as a decorative additive in automotive paints, hot and cold molded plastic items, printing inks for paper and fabric applications, and as the magic glittering component in a number of cosmetic products, including nail polish.


Holographic pigments are light diffractive colorants that generate the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms moving over a liquid silver color. The combination of rainbow -like color, aluminum core and fine particle size in pigments create the appealing, iridescent, liquid silver metallic appearance.

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