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For leather industry

Pearlescent Pigment for Leather free from heavy metal unique pearl-like effect non-toxic and tasteless good heat resistant

1.Pearlescent Pigments and Dermal Processing

Pearlescent pigments play an increasingly important role in animal leather processing. From leather shoes to clothing, from bags to cushion sofas, the decorative effect of pearlescent pigments has been paid more and more attention. Chinese style For animal leather, Generally speaking, in most cases, the dyeing of pearlescent pigments should be carried out at the finishing stage after dyeing. Pearlescent pigments were added in 5%~8% of leather pigments paste, and pearlescent pigments were mechanically or chemically fixed on the leather surface to form pearlescent leather surface coating by using the resin adhesion in the pigments paste. It can also add 2%~3% pearlescent pigments in polishing paste, which can also achieve the effect of pearlescent decoration. Chinese style

Leather pearlescent polishing paste and pearlescent pigment paste are pearlescent finishing materials with casein as film-forming agent. They are formed by the hydrogen bond between the film formed by casein and leather, so they are divided into solid parts and are not easy to fall off due to friction. Moreover, the film formed by casein is relatively heat-resistant and can be ironed. The pearlescent layer formed by casein has strong air permeability and water permeability. The coating is not corroded by organic solvents. Water is used as the medium. It is pollution-free, odorless and easy to operate.

2. Application of Pearlescent Pigment in Artificial Leather Industry

Synthetic leather is also called artificial leather. It is a flexible thick film, which is made of various macromolecule polymers as carriers, various fillers, solvents and additives.
Its appearance and performance are similar to animal leather, so it is called artificial leather. With the progress of modern science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the production technology of man-made leather has become increasingly sophisticated. Although some of its properties can not be compared with real animal leather for the time being, its price is cheaper than real leather, it has good handle, many varieties, and can be produced continuously on a large scale, so it plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life. From clothing, bags, shoes, furniture, and various interior decorations, artificial leather can replace leather in almost any place where leather is needed. Pearlescent leather, which is made of pearlescent pigments, has been widely used in garments, sofas and other furniture products in recent years, and has become the most popular new variety of artificial leather. With the advancement of bionic technology in artificial leather manufacturing, people can now make artificial leather at the level of "false and true". No matter the appearance of the leather grain, pore, handle flexibility, air permeability and moisture and other indicators, are the same as leather. Pearlescent leather is the icing on the cake. At present, it has been widely used in the seats and sofas of various high-grade cars, railway passenger cars, airplanes and passenger ropeway carriages. It is both beautiful and applicable. The toughness and durability of the modified synthetic leather resin have greatly exceeded that of most animal leather, and it is more environmentally friendly and safer.


3.Pearlescent Pigment for Leather  

1)It can be used for both leather and leatheroid.

2)Leather manufactured with pearl pigment with unique pearl-like luster and has been widely used in our daily life.

3)With the obvious pearl effect,leather with pearl pigment has been used for clothing and furniture, like sofa.

4)Different particle size can make different pearl effect.

5)All the silver white series, rainbow series, gold series and mica iron metal series can be used for leather and leatheroid.







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