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Cosmetic pigments

YORTAY™ Cosmetic Pigments, Creative Color Pigments

YORTAY cosmetic pigments

Add pearl pigments to cosmetics to make the product achieve the effect from subtle shimmer to sparkling. Since it is not metal, there is no fear that it will rust and lose its luster. From pearl luster to metallic luster, pearl powder can meet the effect needs of most industries.

Pearlescent pigments are versatile. Due to the special layered structure, light is reflected at different levels in the pigment. In some cases, the reflected waves will interfere with each other, causing amplification or cancellation. According to various layered structures, pearl powder will produce gorgeous interference colors, giving pigments unique characteristics.

Pearl Pigments Products real shot:

YORTAY cosmetic pigments YORTAY cosmetic pigments YORTAY cosmetic pigments YORTAY cosmetic pigments YORTAY cosmetic pigments YORTAY cosmetic pigments

Pearlescent pigments are very fine powdered mica pigments, non-toxic and inert, and can be mixed into almost any viscous and transparent medium and applied to the surface of the product. Many types of cosmetics and personal care products use pearl powder to increase color, luster and brightness. White and interference pearlescent pigments are excellent choices for adding a sense of refinement. It imparts elegant pearl essence to the product. The main white color provides excellent coverage while giving the skin a natural look. Color luster pigments can not only add color, but also immediately use strong and vivid colors and luster. It surpasses the effect of using dyes or absorbing pigments combined with pearlescent luster, and provides more formulation options. The following is the list of applications for which our Pearl Pigments are being used:

>Lipsticks, Lip balms>Eyes Shadows>Mascara>Nail Lacquers
>Liquid Foundations>Eye Liners>Hair Styling Gels>Soap Bars

YORTAY cosmetic pigments

For decades, pearl pigments have been used in cosmetics. Cosmetics and color cosmetics can increase skin feel and visual effects through pearlescent pigments. With the wide range of applications and the maturity of technology, the use of cosmetics and pearl pigments has achieved great progress and recognition. Pearlescent pigments will definitely add attractive visual effects to cosmetics. If you like to make custom cosmetics and make-up, pearl pigments are always one of the choices.

Use YORTAY™ cosmetic-grade pearl pigments to make your products stand out from the competition.


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