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Industry Recommendation

For cosmetics industry

      Yortay Chemicals’cosmetic grade pigments are based on requirements of the world-famous cosmetics manufacturers, all the chemicals,physical and heavy metals are up to international standards. We have specially invested GMP standard production workshop,strictly adhere to GNP management standard, and have passed the required certification. As a large cosmetics pearlescent pigment supplier in Asia, our company also specifically make reserch and production for pearlescent pigment with high chroma, fully meeting the strict requirements of customers. High purity, ultra whiteness, high gloss, high luster, and low metal content makes Yortay’s Cosmetic Pigments are prefered by many Cosmetic manufacturers, also the first chosen one for the high grade Cosmetics.


It is comprised of heavily pigmented small particle pearls, perfect for a dramatic effect. These rich tones enhance the formulation of unique, high definition makeup.

This smooth and attractive pigment has a relatively small particle size, making it easy to apply to any formula. It provides high coverage and is ideal for special effects in nail and eye shadow formulations.

The finer the particle is, the better coverage it has; the larger the particle is, the more shiny it is. Depending on the particle size, you can choose to get a smooth luster with good coverage effect, can also a sparkle shining luster, or any effects between them.

For examples, 10-60μm is common particle size, if you want the matte effect, you can choose less than 60μm, on the contray, this is the bright effect.

Create vibrant looks from matte to high sparkle, with our broad portfolio of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetic and personal care products. The range presents an extensive variety of white pigments, colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural-looking, shiny, and metallic shades. In addition to heightening the visual appeal of formulations, our effect pigments can also benefit performance, such as color correction and enhanced skin feel.

Pearlescent pigments are widely used in the cosmetic industry to add luster, sparkle, impart color or color -travel effects, and provide coverage. Pearls are used in many cosmetics applications including nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, and blush



Non-toxic, good pearl with low specific gravity

Light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance

Non-conductive, non-magnetic

Very stable chemical properties

Pearl pigments are formulated in eye shadows and lipsticks to give a glittering, pearly shine with a different angle of light.







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