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Industry Recommendation

For balloon industry

1.The making principle of balloons

Basic principle of making a latex balloon is dipping of a mold (which will define the shape of a balloon) into latex of Pearlescent pigments which is in liquid form. 

1)Coloring of latex and add effect pigment to latex. Latex can be colored with natural or synthetic pearl pigment, latex is then poured into tanks which are kept at certain temperatures and often have mixers that move slowly and keep latex from coagulating before its time. Coagulant is added to latex as a mixture of water, a calcium-based salt, soap, and talc powder.

2)Molds are heated before they are inserted into the latex of pearl pigment at a temperature between 38°C and 93°C.

3)Molds are heated before they are inserted into the latex of pearlescent pigment at a temperature between 38°C and 93°C. Molds are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or porcelain. They are dipped in latex of pearlescent pigment for just a few seconds to avoid trapping air bubbles. Coagulant will make latex of pearlescent pigment to cling to a mold and form a thin sheet. After few seconds, mold are removed from latex with a thin layer of latex of pearlescent pigment still on. Edges of latex on mold are brushed to create the ring around the opening of the balloon.

     This ring helps during filling of a balloon with gas.

4)Molds with latex of pearlescent pigment will be put into a clean anti-virus machine to disinfect and then immersed in water to wash away excess coagulant from the latex.


5)Still on molds, latex of pearlescent pigment is treated to achieve better strength in different ways. Some latex of pearlescent pigment already has vulcanizing agent and is left to dry in the air, while other must be vulcanized in ovens, in intense heat.

6)After that, balloons are removed from the molds. Dipping latex of pearlescent pigment into a pool of water and talc powder makes it easier to peel off.

7)Now it's time for the forums to shed their skins. Their latex skins as the forms passed through this station air jets inflate the balloons, rollers at the top, grab the balloons as they fill with air and pull them away from the forms , the rollers shoot the balloons upwards and they topple onto a conveyor belt.

8)Balloons can be removed by blowing them off by are or water. If the water is used, balloons then go to drying in centrifuge. When dry, balloons can be printed with offset print or by silk screening. Before they are printed, they must be inflated. After printing they are deflated and drummed in rotating industrial dryers to shrink them back to their original size.

9) After that they placed on a conveyor belt which leads through a counting device which counts and packs them.


      2. In 15um/5~25um/10~40um, fine-grained pearlescent pigments can be used in latex products, such as pearlescent daily decoration, pearlescent balloons and so on.

When you are in use, please note:

(1) The latex material used should be as transparent as possible.

(2) The effect of the additive is about 3% ~ 15% depending on the need of the additive.

(3) Avoid the use of covering materials, and use them with transparent pigments as much as possible.

(4) The pearlescent pigment should be prefabricated into pulp (such as water) to speed up the dispersion and avoid the formation of bubbles.

(5) The ball mill can not be added to the ball mill together with the curing agent to disperse the pearlescent pigment, but at the end of the mixing process, the pearlescent pigment can be dispersed in a relatively short period of time.

      3.Failure result:

Air bubbles are formed and latex is subsequently coagulated.

The Balloons with pearlescent pigment do not retain air long enough. 

 There will be holes in the finished balloon product.

Improvement: Extruding the air to form a vacuo.

      4. Advantage:In light or sunlight, the pearlescent ball is more reflective than the ordinary ball and looks brighter than the ordinary ball.






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