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Fantasy Blue-Purple-Red
particle diameter:
Characteristic description:
Acid and Alkali proof,Arc resistance

Product Description

Product Name

Chameleon Charme pigment flakes




Pearl Pigment Powder,Fine Powder


Fantasy Blue-Purple-Red


Acid and Alkali proof,Arc resistance,

Safety,Environmental Protection,

Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oil systems

Temperature resistance

800 degrees


Multiple reflection super bright luster


Nail polishEye shadows, Lip, etc

Product Display

When it comes to chameleon pigment, I believe you are no stranger to it. It is not only used in automobile spray paint, but also widely used in cosmetics (nail polish, eye shadow, etc.), various plastic parts and printed matter.Today, we're going to look at a new high-end light Colorshift Shifting Chameleon Pearl Pigment Powder that's different from the common chameleon pigments on the market.

Chameleon Charme pigment flakes refers to the film interference to form such as nature soap bubbles, butterfly wings brilliant color changes, different from the conventional chameleon pearl pigment. The multi-layer film structure forms strong interference color and high gloss effect, which can achieve obvious dynamic color change and metallic luster.This kind of pigment has no mica, and all pigments are composed of nano-level film superimposed.Based on the uniqueness of product manufacturing and gorgeous color changes, it has become a favored product in the high-end effect pigment market.

Product Application

Skin effect

Chameleon Charme pigment flakes for eyeshadow 

Starring a spectrum of Chameleon Charme pigment flakes, these next-generation formulations set eyes ablaze in luxurious,vibrant color. vibrant color and metallic shine. Galactic glamour awaits as tantalizing textures glide on in a single sensuous stroke, transforming with seamless blendability. Ignite endless looks in impassioned hues that fuel your fantasies, and make eye contact with the next dimension,highlighting and defining eyes for the ultimate in supernatural seduction.

Chameleon Charme pigment flakes for nail polish

After adding the High purity Chameleon Charme pigment flakes,a manicure gone magical. Light-reflective, prismatic, multidimensional, and utterly captivating.

Chameleon Charme pigment flakes compared to Common Chameleon

1.Much stronger luster effect,higher brightness ;

2.Much stronger color varying effects ;

3.Very obviously color changes, especially cool color and warm color formed contrast of changes in temperature;

4.Fine particle and good coverage effect;

5.With good dispersibility, the particles are very uniform.

6.Under strict control, it has hardly impurity, They are high pure.


We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS, COA & TDS are available etc.






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