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The relationship between Seed coating agent and pearl powder

Seed coating refers to the use of adhesives or film former in conjunction with a seed coating machine to wrap non-seed materials such as bactericide, pesticide, fertilizers, biology regulator, colorants or fillers outside the seeds. It is a seed technology to achieve the shape of the seeds into spherical or basically maintain the original shape, improve stress resistance and disease resistance, accelerate germination, promote seedling growth and improve quality.

Seed coating

Seed coating

After sowing the seeds wrapped with seed coating agent, it can quickly absorb water and swell. With the gradual development of the embryo in the seed and the continuous growth of the seedling, the seed coating agent will slowly release the various active ingredients contained in it, which will be gradually absorbed into the body by the seed seedling, so as to achieve the prevention and control of disease and insect pests at the seedling stage, promote growth then increase crop yield.

Pearlescent pigments can make seeds look brighter and insect-resistant. The quality of pearlescent pigment inks depends largely on the moisture, dispersity and balance of the resin carrier to the flake pigments. The amount of pearlescent pigment should not be too much, because the pigment is too densely packed, so it has an irregular shape, resulting in poor placement. During the dryness of the printed ink layer, the volume of the ink layer has a large shortening force. Using the shortening force and the gravitational force of the flake powder particles, the flake mica titanium pearlescent pigment is tightened to make it tend to balance. Many factors such as the specific gravity and viscosity of color paste, paint and ink are closely related. The more flake pigments can be placed parallel to the substrate, the better the pearlescent effect of the pigments. Injecting a certain amount of polyethylene wax dispersion into the ink can increase its orientation function.

Seed coating

The key to using pearlescent powder in seed coating is the selection of the diameter of the pearlescent pigments. The connection between the size of the flakes and the effect of bright light should be grasped. The larger the flake diameter, the larger the light source interval (the distance between the flakes and the flakes) , The light effect will be more and more scattered. In addition to the relationship between the size of the flake diameter and light, it is also related to the condition of the pigment in the ink. Generally, the smaller the flake diameter is, the easier it is to agglomerate and the more favorable it is for sedimentation. The smaller the aspect ratio of the particles, the easier it is to be suspended in the connection. When distributing inks, it is possible to choose to inject thickeners to prevent settling or to pre-wet the pigments, and then disperse them to prevent aggregation or settling. Because the mica pearlescent pigment has an excellent dispersing function, it lays the winning conditions for ink production. In low-viscosity ink media, only low-speed stirring can be used to obtain excellent dispersing effect.

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