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Why choose Pearl Masterbatch For Plastics

People ’s living standards are now improving in every country, preferring beautiful and practical consumer products. In daily life, you may not pay attention to the things around you, please stop and take a look. Do you feel the unique beauty of the following products?

In fact, these products using our YORTAY Pearl pigment, if you are interested, please try it. I recommend that you can use our products with small particle size, such as 5-25μm, 10-60μm, then pearl pigments can be more easily fused with the masterbatch.


How To Use Pearl Pigments In Masterbatch,there are three methods

1.Directly colouring the resin powder, when using a high-speed kneader, add organic pigments and other additives to mix thoroughly first, then add pearlescent pigments after mixing.This is because the high shear force will destroy the pearl pigment flake structure, affecting the pearl effect.

2.Directly colouring of PE/PP/PVC/ABS granule, pearl pigment cannot be directly added to them. It needs add Liquid coupling agent and emulsifier which can improve the wetting performance of the interface.In general, the amount of coupling agent is 0.2-0.5% of the resin dosage. If you want the pearlescent pigment to be better dispersed in the resin particles, you can add 1% polyethylene into mixture of pigment and resin particles.

3.Mix the pearlescent pigment with solvent,additives and organic pigment in advance to make liquid pigment, that is, the pearlescent paste. If you want to mix pearl pigment with organic pigment, grind the organic pigment to the same fineness before mixing with the pearlescent pigment. When using the pearl paste,it should be stirred fully to prevent the precipitation of the pearlescent pigment, so as to ensure the consistency of the concentration of pearl pigment in the pearl paste.



1. The transparency of the colored plastic resin should be better

2. Use pigments with good transparency and good dispersibility to mix with pearlescent pigments 

3. Reduce the stirring time and stirring rate of pearl powder processing

4. The pearlescent pigment is fully dispersed and the pigment slice is parallel to the orientation of the plastic surface.

5. The properties and processing methods of plastic resin will also affect the gloss performance of the final product.

If the Pearl Masterbatch final test result can’t satisfy you, you can improve by the following measures

1.Add small amount dispersant to improve the mixing effect of screw machine , therefore improve the pearl pigment dispersion uniformity

2.Within the allowable range, increase the processing temperature and reduce the damage to the crystal structure of pearlescent pigment flakes


The advantages of pearlescent masterbatch compared to ordinary masterbatch: 

Pearl masterbatch product appear a multi-angle attractive colors, improve product quality, enhance the visual effect. As we all know, pearlescent masterbatch having a metallic effect and natural pearl soft, decorative excellent products reach pearly shine effect.Customer demand for the production of different plastics used in a variety of colors pearl masterbatch, the product non-toxic, heavy metal content in line with international standards.






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