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Use pearlescent pigments in cosmetics

Use pearlescent pigments in cosmetics

Cosmetics and make-up can bring excellent visual appearance and skin feel. These two aspects can be enhanced by using pearlescent pigments in cosmetics and color makeup. Pearlescent pigments are commonly used in eye shadows and lipsticks to give them glitter and pearlescent effects. When applied to the skin, the pearl pigments in cosmetics and cosmetics exhibit the same behavior as other surfaces.


Pearlescent pigments in makeup

Pearlescent pigments composed of mica coated with a layer of titanium dioxide are added to the colorants of eye shadow or lipstick. Due to the interference of light, pearlescent pigments can show their own colors. The color intensity is affected by the light intensity and the base color. Pearlescent pigments used in cosmetics are processed from black titanium dioxide. This ensures that they exhibit a stable color on all skin tones.

When adding pearlescent pigments to cosmetics in a DIY process, never use a mortar and pestle to grind them. Grinding them will destroy and remove the metal oxide coating. They will also lose their luster and original color. Pearlescent effect is the most needed aspect of pearlescent pigments. It should not be destroyed. Pearl pigments are easy to mix with other ingredients. They can always be added to the mixture at the end.

Multiple colour

Pearlescent pigments are generally non-toxic and harmless, and can be safely used in cosmetics. There are many colors to choose from. Pearl pigments are used in cosmetics mainly because of their pearlescent effect, not color. Color-changing pearlescent pigments can also be used, and the color will change with the viewing angle after makeup.

The amount depends on the desired iridescent and pearlescent effect. If you want to add more glitter to your cosmetics, you can add more, and the glitter and gloss will be enhanced by the light.

For many years, pearl pigments have been used in cosmetics. Over time, they have seen tremendous progress. Modern pearlescent pigments will definitely add attractive visual effects to your makeup. If you like to make custom cosmetics and make-up, pearl pigments should always be one of your choices.






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