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Adding pearl pigments to drug capsules

YORTAY pearl pigment

Adding pearl pigments to drug capsules

The production process of the gelatin pearly hollow capsule can solve the problem of lack of a safety capsule with pearly color that is suitable for high-grade medicines and health care products in the prior art. On the one hand, a gelatin pearly hollow capsule, the capsule contains a pearlescent pigment that accounts for 0.005 to 1% of the total weight of the capsule, and the pearlescent pigment is a composite of nanoscale titanium dioxide and potassium aluminosilicate, wherein the weight percent of the titanium dioxide is 30-50%, and the weight percentage of potassium aluminosilicate is 50-70%. Also provided is the preparation method of the above pearly hollow capsules. By adding medicinal excipients and special processing technology, capsules with pearlescent color are produced to meet the needs of the market.

The hollow capsules achieve a certain appearance color by adding natural pigments and synthetic pigments, so that people can increase the sensory stimulation when using the capsules, but the capsules with the charming pearly color have never been seen. Due to its special needs, for example, in health care products and high-end medicines, capsules need to have high gloss and brightness, and at the same time, less pigments are added to improve the safety of capsules.






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