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Application of pearlescent pigments in cosmetic packaging materials


Application of pearlescent pigments in cosmetic packaging materials

In high-end cosmetic packaging, the role of pearlescent effect has gradually been paid more and more attention by people in the industry. According to our analysis, the reasons are as follows:

A. Soft and deep luster conforms to traditional aesthetics;

B. The design method is flexible and changeable, and the forms are rich;

C. The printing operation is simple and can meet the requirements of high-speed packaging and printing.

Most cosmetic manufacturers are familiar with paper packaging with pearlescent effect, but there are not many specific questions, such as "how is pearlescent produced", "how to use pearlescent", "how to use pearlescent well" Everyone understands. Through the following introduction, we hope to enable you to have a deeper understanding of pearl packaging.

How is pearlescent produced?

In the packaging and decoration, there are expressive means that emphasize strong, warm colors and luster: such as paintings in Western modern style or traditional moods in Africa and Latin America, or the design of Peking Opera costumes, using bright and dazzling materials and a variety of bright colors. ; But on the other hand, there is a kind of subtle and restrained, simple, light, generous and peaceful: the beauty of jade, pearl and porcelain shows such an attitude, this color is light and elegant, and the color relationship is harmonious. , does not constitute a conflict or contrast, from the perspective of luster, it is not hard-edged, but gentle and soft, deep and calm. This is a "quiet".

Putting this gloss on packaging with ink represents a class of ideas. Using artificial technology, pearlescent printing can paint ordinary textured paper with elegant luster, and cooperate with different design styles to express elegant aesthetic taste. And this taste is in line with cosmetic products. In terms of luster intensity, pearl luster is not as eye-catching as metallic luster, and it expresses more of a warm and soft mood. Simply put, this is an optical interference phenomenon. Light passes through multiple translucent layers, at each of which the light is refracted, and the "interference" between these refracted rays creates what is known as pearlescent light.

As can be seen, this "glowing" form results in two characteristics of pearlescent inks:

A. Introverted and deep texture and thickness;

B. Uncertainty of the sense of position.

Traditional ink pigments, whether organic complexes, inorganic salts or metal pigments, do not have these characteristics. Therefore, pearlescent pigments are defined as an independent class of light and color expression materials. With the development of technology, the varieties of such pigments are gradually enriched.

Due to the unique translucency of pearlescent pigments, it can be used in harmony with traditional colors, so that richer colors can be evolved. Sometimes it can be used to increase the depth and layering of a certain color; sometimes it can add new elements on the basis of the original color and interpret it with YORTAY pearl pigments, giving the product packaging new vitality.






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