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Natural Mica Pearlescent Pigment more and more become cosmetics good partner

Love of beauty is human nature, and modern person chase the pearlescent cosmetics which can add luster to them without any toxic and side effect. Pearlescent pigment are used in many types of color cosmetic and personal care applications to add color, luster and shine. They ca improve skin feel, use wear characteristics or add skin correction proporties to the finish formulation.
The applications in nail varnish, eye shadow, lipstick, pressed powder, etc made these products more gorgeous pearlescent luster.
In addition, for better color and luser effects, synchronously add the combination of pearlescent pigment and glycol stearate and other prganic pearlescent agents to cosmetic production.

Using proportion for reference:

1 Listicks: 5-10%

2 Eyeshadows: 10-40%

3 Makeup Powder: 5-15

4 Eyebrow Penciles: 5-15

5 Nail Polish: 5-15








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