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The crisis in the development of pearlescent pigment industry

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The crisis in the development of pearlescent pigment industry

With the rapid development of industry, pearlescent pigments have been widely used in packaging, printing, and publishing industries, from cosmetics, cigarette cases, wine, gift packaging, to business cards, greeting cards, wall calendars, book covers, and pictorial printing. , Textile printing, pearlescent pigments are everywhere. In particular, pearlescent films used for food packaging are in increasing demand in the market. For example, in the fields of ice cream, soft drinks, biscuits, candies, napkin packaging, etc., the use of pearlescent films will bring consumers a visual enjoyment.

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The promotion of pearlescent pigments meets obstacles

Although the demand for pearlescent powder in various fields is very large, in terms of market promotion, pearlescent powder still encounters resistance.

1. The production process of several types of pearlescent pigments (mica-titanium series pearlescent pigments) currently on the market is very complicated, and the process precision and equipment requirements are relatively high, which makes the manufacturing cost high and restricts the wide application of such pigments. Many paint and coating factories and ink manufacturers have been very interested in this kind of pigment, but in actual application it is discouraged by its high price. Therefore, reducing production costs and achieving large-scale production is a key step in expanding the market.

2, the application research of pearlescent pigments is still in a very weak link. At present, the research and development of pearlescent powders in coatings, plastics, printing inks, artificial leather, building materials, cosmetics, paper, packaging materials, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of application technology is still Not mature enough, because most people do not know the characteristics of this new type of decorative pigment, coupled with the lag in application technology and low technical level, resulting in poor use effect, restricting the application and promotion of pearlescent pigments. Many products that could have been decorated with this kind of pigment to enhance the added value of the product lost excellent competitive opportunities. But people have never stopped pursuing pearlescent pigments, because everyone knows that a breakthrough in applied technology will often promote the upgrading of an industry's products and bring immeasurable economic benefits to an industry.

3, the pearlescent pigment production process seems simple, but the actual production technology is complicated and involves many disciplines. Therefore, all countries in the world have strictly kept the technology confidential and blocked. In order to keep trade secrets, many companies have never announced the sales volume. Compared with some industrially developed countries, the scientific research, production, and application of China's mica titanium pearlescent pigments are still in the initial stage of development. Regardless of product quality, variety and application technology, they are all at a relatively low level, and many key technical issues have not yet been achieved. The breakthrough progress made the products of German and Japanese pigment companies still lead the industry.

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