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The application of pearlescent pigments in the cosmetics industry

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The application of pearlescent pigments in the cosmetics industry

Today, the application of pearlescent pigments in the cosmetics industry has been very mature and extensive, and has even developed into an indispensable material.

There are many types of pearlescent pigments and rich color combinations. They can be used to produce different cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation, liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, moisturizer, hair spray, etc. It can be seen that it is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Pearlescent powder is composed of several kinds of metal oxide thin layers coated with mica. Changing the metal oxide thin layer can produce different pearlescent effects. Compared with other pigments, its unique soft pearl luster has an unparalleled effect. The special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency enable it to create the same effect as pearl luster in a transparent medium. The advantages of pearlescent pigments are high temperature resistance, compliance with international food and drug hygiene regulations, harmless to the human body, and no damage to skin, eyes and other organs.

Pearlescent pigments are commonly used in transparent and translucent plastic resins. The use of pearlescent pigments will bring a charming color visual effect. Generally, the better the transparency of the resin, the more it can fully exhibit the unique luster and color effects of pearlescent pigments. For less transparent resins (PC/polyvinyl chloride, etc.), due to the processing characteristics of these resins, the pearlescent luster and hue can also be fully displayed.

In addition, pearlescent pigments are often used in plastic products such as cosmetic containers, various packaging, toys, decorative materials, and various films (thin and soft transparent sheets).






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