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Amazing cosmetic pearlescent pigments


Amazing cosmetic pearlescent pigments

Pearlescent cosmetics was originally designed for T-stage shows or performance shows, presenting a charming and magical atmosphere with exaggerated light and shadow effects. Now, this staged cosmetics has gradually entered the field of daily beauty. Nail polish, lipstick, liquid foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara with pearlescent effect emerge in endlessly, and even some skin care products, body lotions and other products have also produced pearlescent versions. These products look shiny and shiny. When applied to the skin, it can reflect a faint pearly light and produce a moving effect with its own pearly jewels.

Cosmetics can show pearlescent, mainly because they add special cosmetic-grade pearlescent pigments. Pearlescent pigments are composed of many powders. When observed under a microscope, these powder particles are actually flakes with high transparency. Each flake is like a small transparent mirror. When light hits the surface, not only a part of the light is directly reflected back, but a part of the light is transmitted to another layer of the sheet, and is continued to be reflected on that surface. After multiple reflections, projections and refractions on multiple levels, the complex combination of light makes it difficult for the eyes to focus on one point, and you can see the fine flashing effect. Because part of the light is scattered, the pearlescent material can reflect the wonderful luster of a variety of colors, much like the "pearl light" presented by pearls and shells.

There are many kinds of pearlescent pigments, and the most commonly used in the industry is mica titanium. This material can present pearl white, rainbow colors, brilliant glitter and other effects. Mica titanium is like a sandwich sandwich in microstructure, with a layer of mica powder inside and a layer of titanium dioxide evenly wrapped on the outside. Mica is a non-metallic mineral. It is an aluminosilicate containing metals such as aluminum, magnesium, iron, and lithium. It is widely distributed. The shimmering dots in ordinary sand are mica fragments.

Mica itself has the characteristics of translucent and pearly luster. Titanium dioxide is considered to be the best white pigment in the world, and it is often used to produce sunscreens. The particle size of titanium mica powder and the amount of titanium dioxide covered on the outside are different, and the pearlescent effect produced is also different. Sometimes, you can also wrap a layer of dye on the outside of titanium dioxide, such as iron oxides, carbon black, etc., which will show different colors of pearl. If you want to apply a black pearl nail polish, you need to use this technology. .






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