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Briefly describe the printing effect of pearlescent pigments in cosmetic packaging


Briefly describe the printing effect of pearlescent pigments in cosmetic packaging

With the improvement of living standards, the cosmetics market has developed rapidly, and consumers' demand for cosmetics has also increased rapidly, showing the requirements of diversified development. Cosmetics are mostly value-added consumer goods, and the appearance of the product directly affects the buyer's behavior. Beautiful and high-end cosmetic packaging has become an effective means for cosmetic manufacturers to attract consumers, and pearl powder plays a very important role in the field of cosmetic packaging.

Pearlescent pigment is an optical effect pigment, which can exhibit a certain metallic luster, so it is also called a non-metallic pigment with metallic luster. Pearlescent powder has the sparkling effect of metallic pigments, and can also produce the soft color of natural pearls. When exposed to sunlight, it can produce multi-level reflections, and the reflected light interacts to present a soft and dazzling or colorful luster and color. The design method of pearl powder in cosmetic packaging is flexible and varied, and the forms are rich, because the pearl effect is a deep and layered visual effect, and its unique translucency can be used in harmony with traditional colors, so that it can evolve for a richer color. It can also be used to add depth and layering to a certain color; sometimes new elements can be added to the original color.

The printing effect of pearl powder in cosmetic packaging, in terms of luster intensity, the soft and deep luster conforms to the traditional aesthetics, because pearl luster is not as eye-catching as metallic luster, it expresses more of a warm and soft mood. Light passes through multiple translucent layers, at each of which the light is refracted, and the "interference" between these refracted rays creates what is known as pearlescent light.

In cosmetic packaging, there are many printed packaging with pearlescent style. There are hard cardboard boxes, labels made of coated paper, plastic flexible packaging printed with pearlescent colors, and hoses printed with pearlescent patterns. These forms are often completed by different printing methods. Cosmetics manufacturers can choose the appropriate printing method according to their own needs, but when printing, it is necessary to master the quantity of pearlescent pigments and the arrangement of pigment particles. The more color-changing pigments in the ink layer, the better the effect (of course, the gloss will not increase after a certain amount); and the pigment particles can be arranged in parallel along the surface of the substrate, the smoother the surface of the substrate, the better the gloss effect. Well, the better the intensity of the reflected light.






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