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Pearlescent pigment a new effect paints

Pearlescent pigment a new effect paints

With the elevation of living standard, pearlescent pigment are indispenable for modern coating due to the increasing requirement for coating. Pearlescent effect pigment are characterized by good dispersibility and physico-chemical properties.

Therefore, in the coating industry, any single color paint can become pearlescent coating by mixing pearlescent effect pigment. it is not only does not affect paint color, but also can embody original paint and metallic luster most vividly.

Furthermore, Yortay pearlescent pigment can also be applied to most oily and water base material. Especially using in the transparent raw materials can get better effect. Generally, the highter transparency is the better pearlescent effect will be. Contrary mixing with opaque paint will seriously affect the pearlescent effect.

Meanwhile, do not use high shear force grinding equipment for fear of damaging the structure and surface luster of the pearlescent pigment.










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