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Pearlescent pigment fineness technology

Pearlescent pigment fineness technology


Yortay pearlescent pigment is a kind of powder based on natural mica and synthetic mica, coated by one or more layer of tianium dioxide and other metal oxide which can creating pearlescent luster. Their appearance is transparent and flat-shaped powder. They have large diameter than normal pigment and are characterized by smooth surface and high-refraction coeffcient.

The pearlescent pigment are made with transparent mica flakes which are coated with a layer of transparent and high refactive metal oxide film which are of strictly-controlled thickness, making incident light reflect in multilayer and producing the plearlescent luster. Therefore, the more transparent material mix with our pearlescent pigment the more beautiful pearlescent luster will be created. Meanwhile it also can mix with transparent pigment or dyes to get appropriate color luster.

But avoided to mix with opaque paint ingredients or strong masking powder. Such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigment. it can more helpful to avoided the pearlescent luster damage.

Yortay color series pearlescent pigment can produce different kinds of unique pearlescent luster when they are mixed according to color mixing principle.

Pearlescent pigment are have good dispersibility, so they can distribute evenly when they are simply mixed.

In order to protect the particle and produce the best pearlescent luster, mix for long time should be avoided.












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