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Pearlescent pigment can be applied on all kinds of printing, its future is bright

Pearlescent pigment can be used in all kinds of printing. Its future is bright!

People admire for that faint attractive pearl luster over many years . If it can be seen everywhere in life , it would be a wonderful thing . Only until the mid-20th century , this special pearlescent pigment was used in printing. The emergence of pearlescent pigment makes the decorative effect of printing become more abundant. Now, with the continuous development of the printing industry , especially the increase  demand for high- quality packaging in the market, the pearlescent printing is used more and more widely . Pearl pigment powder can be used in all kinds of printing, such as Offset,Screen, Gravure and flexography printing.
How to make pearlescent ink

As the pearl ink become more and more hot sold, there is a great concern caused in the printing industry, about how is the pearlescent ink made. In fact it is very simple. It is made by mixing pearl powder with solvent-based or water-based ink system and the pearl powder disperse evenly in the semi-transparent ink. The elegant luster and color of natural pearls, shells, butterflies, fish and metal can be show by the reflection and refraction of the lighting on the pearlescent ink.









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