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Glitter White
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Natural pearl pigment has super sparkle pearl luster, appearance is white like snow

seed coating

Seed coating with mica powder, seed colouring with pearlescent pigment. seed coating refers to the use of adhesive or film-forming agent, with a specific seed coating machine, mixed together fungicides, pesticides, micro fertilizers, plant growth regulators, colorants or fillers. High yield seeds are coated with pearlescent powder, as a special effect pigment. Based on the principle of natural pearls, Yortay series pearlescent pigment is a kind of pearlescent pigment which can produce pearl luster by coating mica sheet with metal oxide.

Product introduction

White pearl pigment can be used in stand-alone applications or combined with other pigment products to create exciting effects across various formulations.Colour luster pigments add not just colour but ready to use intense, vivid colour & shine.They surpass the effect from using the combination of dye or absorption pigments with pearl and provide far more formulation options.


The finer the particle is, the better coverage it has; the larger the particle is, the more shiny it is. Depending on the particle size, you can choose to get a smooth luster with good coverage effect, can also a sparkle shining luster, or any effects between them.

Definition of Seed Treatment

In agriculture and horticulture, seed treatment or seed dressing is a chemical, typically antimicrobial or fungicidal, with which seeds are treated (or "dressed") prior to planting. Less frequently, insecticides are added. Seed treatments can be an environmentally more friendly way of using pesticides as the amounts used can be very small. It comprises priming, coating, pelleting, phytosanitary treatment, and microbial inoculation.

The Process of Seed Treatment

The text above mentioned that there are three ways of seed treatment, but pearl pigment powder is mainly used in the second way seed coating.

Seed coating: A special adhesive is used with a formula of pearlescent pigment to enhance seed adhesion.Coatings need advanced processing technology, by the industry's praise.

seed coating

The first thing to prepare is the slurry of mixed with pearl pigment powder, seeds, water and pelleting powder.The production process is as follows:

Step1: Put seeds and start to run the coater

Step2: Spray a little water

Step3: Add pelleting powder by slowly

Step4: Inject the slurry mixed with effect pigment powder

Step5: Increase speed of rotary disk

Step6: Do step3 and step4 above 10-15min

Step7: Add finishing powder and check coating seed size

Advantages of Seed Treatment

1. Seeds treated with pearl pigment can inhibit, control, or repel plant pathogens, insects, or other pests that attack seeds, seedlings, or plants.

2.Seed treated with effect pigment is aim to reduce inoculum levels and disease development from seedborne fungi that are present on or within seeds, without affecting the viability and emergence capacity of seed.

3.It is usual to add colour pearlescent pigment to make treated seed less attractive to birds if spilt and easier to see and clean up in the case of an accidental spillage.

seed coating

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